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what do you mean i lost my mind?

OK, I can’t just link this on Identi.ca. It’s too funny.

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The Sarnia Observer has an article posted (still, more than a day later) that got by layers upon layers of fact checkers. It is ostensibly about “Earth” Hour. What it’s really about is comedy gold, mashing up two separate articles in a text editor in supremely haphazard fashion, or some editor’s incredibly high quality stash of LSD.

The symbolic campaign emerged. A jogger out for a run began two years ago in Sydney, came across the cutouts and was Australia. The team effort so startled she ran to a construction included 2.2 million homes and site. There she told a worker businesses. It resulted in a 10.2 a coyote had “barked” at her and per cent reduction in energy was afraid it would give chase, consumption. That’s the equivalent McCallum said.

Ed Driscoll, who compares it to Super Karate Monkey Death Car, which I had forgotten.)

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