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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-03-29

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  • Listening to the 24/7 stream of the Bone Conduction Music Show. Haven’t shoved any furniture onto the front lawn, though. http://is.gd/ppA3 #
  • This BCMS is weird. Can’t find a playlist for it. All the songs have been on other editions, but never together, it seems. #
  • Also, can’t find Nanci Griffith’s “Lone Star State of Mind” on any playlist, but Thayrone played it several weeks in a row a few years ago. #
  • Aw, pobrecit! “Weeks of Obama’s budget sales pitch and support still slips” http://is.gd/poIC #
  • Obama to Iran: “Your leaping tiger kung fu is no match for my frightened piglet style!” http://is.gd/ppWf #
  • 9 year old laptop. 288 MB of RAM. Firefox (39 tabs). VLC. Gwibber. KeePassX. LimeWire. All running at the same time! But slowly. #
  • Yes! Found an MP3 of “Lone Star State of Mind” on Limewire. The album is out of print, and not downloadable on Amazon, so no guilt. 🙂 #
  • I’m with Perry de Havilland: “Turn every damn light in your house on” http://is.gd/pqhB #
  • Director of National Intelligence: Not only are we going to release terrorists in the US, but “assist” them, too. Oy. http://is.gd/pqlP #
  • Ain’t that the truth — “Racist” is the new “Commie”. http://is.gd/pqnd #
  • L.A. Times — Dead Paper Walking. http://is.gd/pgZA #
  • Sprinting toward fascism: “‘The days of “light touch” regulation are over,’ said Rep. Barney Frank[….]” http://is.gd/pb7H #
  • The artistic statement should more properly be “I’m just weird. Cope.” NSFW: http://is.gd/pbPQ #
  • and now for a word from George Carlin: http://is.gd/preQ #
  • China is spying on… well, everybody, probably. GhostNet. http://is.gd/prf1 #
  • And Obama, diplomatic genius that he is, will probably apologize, then ask them nicely to stop. That’ll work. #
  • Maybe somebody should whap him upside the head with a copy of The Art of War. #
  • Gigantic protozoans change interpretation of evolution (but not toward ID). http://is.gd/prhm #
  • Sorry, you’re only allowed to protest if you can guarantee it will be a pathetic failure. http://is.gd/poIK #
  • The laudable OpenDisc project is gearing up for release, and could use some help. http://is.gd/prkc #
  • Final Star Trek poster released: http://is.gd/pnAH #
  • Night of the Lepus. Except I would not mind at all being mobbed by these bunnies. http://is.gd/prmn #
  • I said no. I meant it. Why do you never, ever listen? #
  • “When we declare our opposition to the electric light bulb, we declare our opposition to man.” http://is.gd/prvO #
  • It’s an old communist trick: “Obama Town Hall Questioners Were Campaign Backers” http://is.gd/ppRb #
  • Given how inept Obama has been with everything else, though, one imagines he will encourage his followers to wear red shirts. 🙂 #
  • The real meaning of “Earth Hour” http://is.gd/pri8 #
  • Hilariously, now the left thinks civil disobedience is a bad thing. http://is.gd/prB5 #
  • Dissent is no longer the Highest Form of Patriotism, and you may now say openly that Jefferson never wrote that. #
  • To heck with “Earth” hour, celebrate Human Achievement Hour! http://is.gd/pok3 #
  • Just watched the newest ep of 24 on hulu.com. My goodness, Bob Gunton got to remain good right up to the end. Talk about casting agst type #
  • If Season 6 was as bad as everybody said, they made an amazing comeback. Season 7 is excellent thus far. #
  • Wishing my ex would stop translating “leave me alone” into “flood me with three dozen emails, text messages, and phone calls a day” #
  • Oh, hey, it’s Human Achievement Hour. Make sure all your lights are on! #
  • The drama queen still thinks she can control me through the right combination of words. Each attempt makes me more thankful I left her. #
  • I might even feel sorry for her if she didn’t piss me off so much. #
  • She truly cannot comprehend any basis for human relationships other than threats and blackmail. #
  • I don’t read enough lefty blogs, clearly WHO has been saying that this recession was caused by Reagan? http://is.gd/ptYM Pathetic. #
  • I’ve linked it before, I’m linking again. Best Title/Author Name combo ever — Bandit Love by Juanita Savage. http://is.gd/ptZh #
  • OK, total n00b question. Can I follow #twitter feeds through #identi.ca? I’ve opened a Twitter mirror, but don’t want to use it much. #

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