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what do you mean i lost my mind?

About [IMH]

IMH on the Disney LotIan Michael Hamet has worked as a freelance copywriter, taught English as a second language, been an office administrator, and held other odd jobs besides. In between living in Michigan and moving to Los Angeles, he spent almost precisely three years living in China, all but three months of that time in Shanghai, the Pearl of the Orient.

He has been blogging since January of 2003, and has no intention of stopping. (Multi-week or -month breaks are always a possibility, however.)

His professional blog is presently [IMH].

His ex-fianceé has made a habit of creating fraudulent accounts in his name in order to make him look bad by leaving racist or otherwise vile comments in his name. If you find an account from him that is not directly connected with those listed on his ClaimID, treat it as a fraud unless proven otherwise. If you have any question regarding a particular instance, email him via the Contact Form asking for a GPG-signed reply verifying or denying it. (The public key for verifying such a signature is on the same contact page.)


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14 November 2005 at 6:34 am

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