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Roanne Valenzuela is a racist

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UPDATE 20071217: Turns out, some while ago, Miss Valenzuela posted an extended diatribe (in which she very reasonably wished death upon me, amongst other pleasantries) that included a remarkably risible claim that calling her a racist is “ridiculous”. So I’m reiterating, here at the top of the post, her own words on this subject:

Roanne: Then go ahead and publish it. I’m proud.
Roanne: I’m not sorry that I’m a racist.

Those words were written by her in an IM chat on 6 December 2008, and I have the archives to prove it. She is both proud and not sorry that she is a racist. Her words. Yet it is “ridiculous” to call her such, despite her pride in it, despite her not being sorry for it, and despite her vile attacks on a completely innocent woman, as demonstrated below.

She’s tried many, many times to get me to erase this evidence of her viciousness and bigotry. Which is why it will never disappear.


When things were good between my ex-fianceé, Roanne Jean Isidro Valenzuela, and myself, I made the enormous mistake of telling her about my life, trusting her to keep private things which were private, and to honor that which I valued.

One of the people from my past whom I told her about was a friend, a Chinese woman whom I have always admired, in addition to liking. She was (and is) one of the smartest people I have ever known, a good person, and just good to know.

I further made the mistake of telling her name to Roanne.

After she falsely accused me of statutory rape, and had that blow up in her face, Roanne Valenzuela did not do what any rational and sane human being would do. She did not back off and reexamine herself to determine what had driven her to make such a vile accusation. Hell, she only apologized for form’s sake, and immediately recanted her apology, saying it meant nothing, she didn’t mean it, and she only made it because she “had to”.

Instead of trying to become a better person, she simply chose a different target to attack.

She found this lady’s Chinese blog, and started leaving racist filth in the comments. She did this because I had expressed a positive opinion about this woman, and because she is a nihilist, only truly happy when causing people better than her pain.

Here are some screen shots of the garbage she spewed:

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Hosted by imgur.com

None of this had any effect on the lady in question, because she is not insecure in any way. She found it, in fact, sadly amusing.

Proving that Miss Valenzuela is not only a racist, but indeed a nihilist, she responded to this by lamenting that, since she couldn’t make her target feel bad, her verbal assaults were “for nothing” and she was a failure. Here is what she said in an IM chat on 1 November 2008 (emphases added, slight re-arrangement of lines to make clearer which lines were in answer to which):

Roanne: Was she offended at all?
Me: No.
Roanne: Huh.
Roanne: Why not?
Roanne: That’s too bad.
Me: In fact, she said that you seemed very passionate.
Roanne: About what?
Me: She said she was baffled, but not offended. She couldn’t figure why someone would bother.
Me: She didn’t say, but she said it after I told her it was you, and gave her the general idea of why.
Roanne: I’m a failure.
Me: So I guess she meant you were passionate about me.
Roanne: Man.
Roanne: Maaan.
Roanne: All that for nothing.
Me: It’s just that she’s too secure a person to have an anonymous troll affect her.
Roanne: So you’re calling me a troll now?
Roanne: And I’m what insecure?
Roanne: Huh.
Me: What you did was trolling.
Me: You have heard the term, I hope?
Me: And I did not say anything about you being secure or not.
Me: I said something about her.
Roanne: There’s no way she’s nicer than me.
Roanne: Or prettier.

Yes, she did say that there was “no way” the woman she told to hang herself in a shower and die was nicer than her.

Not content to restrict her bilious hate to one person, she also posted this as her Twitter bio:

Hosted by imgur.com

She was so proud of this that she left it intact for more than a week.

This post has been in draft form for some time. At one point, I did tell her about it, warning that if she continued being abusive, I would post it. And she gave explicit permission to publish it. From a chat on 6 December 2008:

Roanne: Then go ahead and publish it. I’m proud.
Roanne: I’m not sorry that I’m a racist.

Yes, she’s proud of spewing vicious hate and racist filth, trying to berate a complete stranger into suicide. And she said so directly and explicitly.

Now that she is fraudulently creating web accounts in my name and leaving racist trash in various places, pretending to be me, I’m making very clear that this is her kind of behavior, not mine.

So, if you are considering hiring Miss Valenzuela, especially in the United States, take into consideration that she is an unrepentant racist, a bigot, and someone who will attack innocent strangers in the most vicious ways just to vent her frustrations.

On top of that, she has demonstrated that she will erase, delete, or alter the public record (if she can) the moment her viciousness is exposed, because her greatest fear is not what she is, but simply “looking bad” to others. She will lie without compunction or shame to cover up her bad acts.

Is this really the kind of nurse you want caring for your patients?

UPDATE: Yes, I have removed links. Not, as Miss Valenzuela asserts, out of cowardice, but because I will not help her in her campaign to smear me with lies, distortions, and severely misleading out-of-context facts. She has proven, yet again, that she has no respect for the truth, and I simply removed what little sanction my links gave to her vendetta.

Furthermore, she claims that what she posted was a “defense” of herself. She made no effort to defend what she did or what she said, she merely attacked me. Argumentum ad Hominem is not a defense it is a fallacy.

Dollhouse: “Briar Rose” analysis

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I’ve been watching Joss Whedon’s new show Dollhouse regularly since the sixth episode, “Man on the Street”, and enjoying it thoroughly. ((I saw one episode previous to that, “The Target”, and was not impressed. Caught MotS because I heard it was the one where Fox more or less stopped interfering. And apparently, they had.))

But this week’s episode was so completely dense with information and background story that I went back and watched it a second time to try to straighten a few things out in my mind.

Below the fold are some very spoiler-y thoughts, so be warned. If you’ve not seen the episode, then don’t read.

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