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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-05-15

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  • What Dan Brown did for the Catholic Church in Da Vinci Code, he did to physics in Angels & Demons. http://is.gd/zF16 #
  • No kidding: Barack Obama, the quintessential Liberal Fascist http://is.gd/zbNX #
  • Letter of Amends from a Recovering Liberal http://is.gd/yLbg #
  • VDH: Cheney’s methodical defense is both logical and principled. http://is.gd/zGaW Which is why he is attacked so vehemently, of course. #
  • Mark Steyn: Live Free Or Die http://is.gd/zGoK #
  • Top Five Things Star Trek 2 Should Avoid. (Khan is number one.) http://is.gd/zQIp #
  • Whoops, they were reverse-numbered. Number five was Khan, but he was the first one mentioned. #
  • Universal healthcare to save on costs? “[G]ibberish in a prom dress,” says Megan McCardle. Gotta love her. http://is.gd/zSbA #
  • George Will, “Tincture of Lawlessness” http://is.gd/zNUn Um, it’s more than a tincture, it’s more of a flood. #

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