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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-05-08

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  • Ugh: Hawaii lawmakers back the creation of “Islam Day” http://is.gd/xmoR Even Life Day would be better. #
  • Shimon Peres on Iran: Overreaction is better than underreaction. http://is.gd/xmqv I’m sure Netanyahu agrees, and that BO does not. #
  • 8 things about the new Star Trek movie that will blow you away. http://is.gd/xoi0 Didn’t know Ben Burtt did the sound design. #
  • Heh. Enthusiasms! Enthusiasms. http://is.gd/xosH #
  • Ancient “hobbits” were truly a different species. http://is.gd/xozt #
  • Dog bites mountain lion http://is.gd/xozW #
  • The Torture Follies http://is.gd/xoAH #
  • Some sanity in the Grauniad: irrational vaccine hysteria threatens lives. Including his daughter’s. http://is.gd/w3pP #
  • Cheat Codes for Everyday Life http://is.gd/xdLn #
  • Ken Begg: Why do SyFy network’s movies suck so bad when they could just ape headlines from around the world? http://is.gd/xuQx #
  • Do teachers really believe that all students must master the cardboard diorama to be useful citizens of the 21st century? http://is.gd/xuUi #
  • Why don’t I ever get comment spam like this? http://is.gd/xvzM #

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