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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-05-07

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  • Has Hal Jordan been cast? http://is.gd/x61F #
  • “There you have it. Darwinism is dead. Coelacanth proves it.” Yes, somebody actually thinks this. But not this guy. http://is.gd/x6bs #
  • Joanne Jacobs: Union takes charter boosters’ money http://is.gd/x6jT #
  • Jacobs again: Kindergarten cram http://is.gd/x6k8 #
  • JJ once again: The high cost of firing (or not firing) teachers http://is.gd/x6ld #
  • Ants can smell death http://is.gd/x6lT #
  • Nature: Has dark matter been detected? http://is.gd/x6mJ (Nature links expire quickly, alas.) #
  • One contact soaking overnight, one in. Feel cross-eyed, which is unusual, as I do this a lot. #
  • An open letter to the Republican Party http://is.gd/x6DZ #
  • Typo of the morn: “…if you’re investigating a loin, you start on all fours and then you stand on two legs…” From an actors’ email list #
  • Huh. Gwibber’s not sending this morning, for some reason. #
  • test #
  • And now it’s working again. #
  • Isn’t there something in the Constitution that says a Supreme Court justice can’t be a pathetic whiner? http://is.gd/xec2 Guess not. #
  • 12 reasons the new Star Trek will be the highest grossing Trek movie of all time http://is.gd/xekX #
  • Media objectivity, in a nutshell http://is.gd/x2JO #
  • Gangster Government http://is.gd/xd5x Hey, we elected a Chi-town politico with full knowledge of where he came from. #
  • Lone gunman prevents mass homicide. http://is.gd/xeBC Will the MSM cover it? Yeah, right. #
  • “(a process which naturally begins with interpretive dancing)” http://is.gd/xeEP If you know the genre, that line makes PERFECT sense. #
  • only services that most people care about http://is.gd/xeJT Well, of course. Otherwise they might lose power, and that’s unacceptable. #
  • Lies, damned lies, and community organizing http://is.gd/xeOd #
  • Eye candy: Red http://is.gd/xePW #
  • Eye candy: a look http://is.gd/xeQt #
  • RT @Jon_Favreau: Scarlett’s first day on set in the Black Widow outfit. You’ve never heard a crew get so quiet so fast. #
  • RT @TheFIREorg The State of Free Speech on Campus: Duke University: http://tinyurl.com/dgb878 #highered #Duke #
  • White House will now release ONE pic of AF1’s NY flyover “photo op”. http://is.gd/xjga #
  • 10 pics from Guy Ritchie’s upcoming Sherlock Holmes, and I think they look just about perfect. http://is.gd/x5UW #
  • An article to accompany the preceding pics http://is.gd/x7Xl My only worry? The plot sounds a bit Young Sherlock Holmes-ish. 😦 #
  • One more Sherlock article for today http://is.gd/xlh1 #
  • Ecofreaks discover nature isn’t lovey-dovey, get saved by oil tanker. Beautiful. http://is.gd/xfMn #
  • Weapons grade uranium found in Egypt. http://is.gd/xlIE Of course, this has NOTHING to do with the US’s current appeasement stance. #
  • Patriot Act used to keep 16 year old imprisoned without due process. http://is.gd/xf05 #
  • It is bemusing that “extremism” can still be used as a derogation. http://is.gd/xlTW Even in England, nobody knows how to think anymore. #
  • The Salsa Twins have an… INteresting tradition for “daddy comes home” day. http://is.gd/xm24 #

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