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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-05-05

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  • Pathetic defined: Creating 17 different Identica accounts to harrass your ex boyfriend, when you supposedly have a new bf already. #
  • National Review writes about Rand and Objectivism and, for once, manages not to slime either one. Wonders never cease. http://is.gd/vBnU #
  • Hey, ex, you’re the one not letting ME be. Go away, leave me alone, then everything will be okay. #
  • You are the one who will not stop. #
  • That is now, what? 20 separate Identica accounts, just to make me notice her? Talk about acting five years old. #
  • Why is it always a fight? Why can’t she just freaking listen and not try to impose meaning on everyone around her that they never intend? #
  • That’s it, no more replies to the bitch ever, about anything. #
  • She’s a five year old in desperate need of attention. And she’ll not get more from me. #
  • She will, of course, see this as a challenge, and find something even more offensive than accusing me of rape to “make” me respond. #
  • Bill Whittle rips Jon Stewart up, down, and sideways for calling Harry Truman a war criminal. http://is.gd/vZCs #
  • Dear stupid, I did not copy you. I read http://geekpress.com/, and numbering complaints is not your invention at all. #
  • RD @evan Happy birthday !laconica — 1-year anniversary of first code check-in http://ur1.ca/3xwj in reply to evan #
  • Great, interview got postponed. #
  • Desktop monitor is still unpowered, and I’m missing !crunchbang linux rather severely. #
  • The NYT apparently gets off on the White House strong-arming private companies. http://is.gd/wJ2o Try to contain your shock. #
  • The code that the CIA still hasn’t cracked, right on their doorstep. http://is.gd/wJ2V #
  • Nabokov’s final prank. http://is.gd/wJ3g #
  • Sexy Archaeology? Apparently yes. http://is.gd/wJ4O #
  • When Nixon did it, it was bad. But when Obama does it… http://is.gd/wDdr #
  • Woo hoo! The Mysterious Cities of Gold hits DVD! http://is.gd/wAzl #
  • Interview with the screenwriters of the new Star Trek. http://is.gd/wJ69 #
  • By the way, any of you ever listen to the President before? I mean, REALLY listened to him… http://is.gd/wJ6x #
  • The most glorious unspoken rule of low-budget filmmaking http://is.gd/wJ79 #
  • Lies, damned lies, and gun show reporting. http://is.gd/wJ7O #
  • “Perfectly sufficient.” Somehow, it’s always a dang Kraut’s fault. http://is.gd/wqAb #
  • Apple uses the DMCA to quash speech they do not like. http://is.gd/uWue #
  • Is the White House lying about the Perella Weinberg Threat Story? http://is.gd/wIiC But they’re such nice, clean, HONEST Chicago politicos! #
  • RT @slashfilm I’m really confused about McG’s plans for Terminator 5 to be set pre-judgment day http://bit.ly/jXfsq [Sounds dumb to me.imh] #
  • Casting rumors on Thor. http://is.gd/wF3l #
  • Fraud? At ACORN? The devil, you say! http://is.gd/wHGX #
  • Girl dials 911 in agitated state to save her dying father, says what she’s thinking, gets abused and arrested for it. http://is.gd/wDXb Nice #
  • You can’t joke about the President, that’s RACIST! Oy. http://is.gd/wBRH #
  • Act of War: Iran launches airstrikes on Iraqi villages. http://is.gd/wBN1 And if anybody but BO were Prezzy, we’d retaliate. #

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