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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-05-03

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  • Dammit! I’m 7/10ths of the way to a really good draft, and now the power on my desktop monitor isn’t working. #
  • Another Salsa Twin Fashion Challenge Friday. With bonus kung fu! http://is.gd/w9Qt #
  • Disney is trying to trademark “Princess Aurora”, which dates from 1697. Talk about abusive use of IP. http://is.gd/w1Js #
  • Very cool WWII story in the comments over at TigerHawk http://is.gd/w9S5 #
  • Obama gets angry when individuals stand up for their rights. Well, of course. http://is.gd/w9TM #
  • Apparently Obama is not above using his “enchanting” lap dogs as attack dogs, either. http://is.gd/w7Uf Next 4 years = interesting times. #
  • is the definition of force majeure now “by act of God or Obama”? http://is.gd/w9ZZ (Comments on the same post) #
  • OK, Dollhouse got WAY the hell better once it got past the Fox-interference episodes. And dang, it was nice to see Wash again. (But… not.) #
  • Oh, and Dichen Lachman as a geek? Daaaaaang, I need a friend like that. #
  • There was one big plot hole in “Briar Rose” — How did Alpha know? (To be more specific would spoil.) Seems glaring in retrospect. #
  • Oddly compelling. Actually, I would describe her a lot more strongly than that. http://is.gd/wbSF #
  • The problem with my desktop LCD is the AC Adapter, which is seemingly fried. (Had a water spill, though I thought it missed that.) #
  • Luckily, the tower is fine. So everything on the HD, including the script that I’m *dying* to work on, is fine. Just not visible. Grrr. #
  • That graphic is hilarious! “It’s not fascism when we do it!” http://is.gd/w6hr #
  • Another Dollhouse question: Why the heck does Liza Lapira have such a tiny, thankless role? She’s clearly very talented. And cute. #

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