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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-05-02

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  • Eye candy: Mistress Izumi on the beach (NSFW) http://is.gd/vKjc #
  • Eye candy: Fleurs! (Scanty, but clad) http://is.gd/vKjr #
  • Eye candy: It’s not eye candy, it’s … it’s… it’s French! http://is.gd/vKkQ #
  • The great Edward Cline on nihilism http://is.gd/vKzf #
  • Eye candy: Hula http://is.gd/vKBs #
  • I give almost no credit at all to most awards. However, it is nice that Kathryn Bigelow is getting some recognition http://is.gd/vKCC #
  • Gotta love TFG: “This is fucking banana fucking republic time.” http://is.gd/vKE2 (I thought the f-word he was going to use was fascism) #
  • Swine Flu in SF, which means it’s in LA, even though I’ve not heard anything. Yet. http://is.gd/vHhi #
  • Am I the only one freaked out about the Taliban being within arm’s reach of nukes? #
  • More Fat Guy goodness: Even the State Dept. thinks Texas is another country http://is.gd/vKHB #
  • D.C. Thornton: Three Abandoned Americans http://is.gd/vKIu BO should ride to their rescue on the back of his flying unicorn. #
  • Petraeus thinks Pakistan is going down. Interesting times are coming, in the worst possible way. http://is.gd/vKLJ #
  • “Lie to Me” beats out “Obama Enchanted” http://is.gd/vKVF #
  • WSJ: The Real Culture War Is Over Capitalism http://is.gd/vua7 (And has been for nearly a century) #
  • So, who will Obama pick to replace Souter? I’m holding out for Zombie Joe Stalin. #
  • His every opinion will read “Workers of the world need braaaaaaaaains!” #
  • Posts on when it was okay to accuse the POTUS of fascism http://is.gd/vL1x #
  • Facebook impersonators http://is.gd/vL1V #
  • A.I.: Indus Valley script is a written language. http://is.gd/vL2p #
  • Another one who deserves some honor: Vilmos Zsigmond to be UCLA cinematographer in residence http://is.gd/vL3K #
  • Hollywood’s Default Villain: Your Employer http://is.gd/vL8I #
  • Top 5: Western Themes http://is.gd/vL97 It’s ballsy to have Morricone on twice, and yet not The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. #
  • Dinosaur collagen http://is.gd/vL9M I predict Jurassic Park 5: The Old Actor’s Retirement Home #
  • Metal and pink. http://is.gd/vLaA #
  • Now THAT is a title! Drums Drone Death http://is.gd/vLhM #
  • Peter Hitchens: “One of the most important jobs of the police is to stop us looking after ourselves…” http://is.gd/vSwn #

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