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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-05-01

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  • “a dispiriting adolescent quality” http://is.gd/vv80 #
  • “Movies today just have to seem entertaining; they don’t have to actually be good or make sense.” http://is.gd/vvso Hear hear! #
  • “Someone must have told him ‘no.'” http://is.gd/vvGN #
  • Swagger. Used to be bad, now it’s good. http://is.gd/vDu4 #
  • Having some problems with the short script I’m writing. The conversation(s) at the heart of it keep changing, for one. #
  • For another, I can’t follow my usual practice of killing off or excising the character who is metaphorically me. #
  • However, the degree of discomfort involved should, at the very least, make the ending work well. #
  • A Mystery of the West Is Solved. http://is.gd/vIZv (And the NYT makes a silly typo in the 2nd graph.) #
  • I didn’t realize that Charles Aznavour, the Piano Player himself, was still around. He’s giving a few concerts in NYC http://is.gd/vJ2S #
  • US Citizen from NC wrongly deported by gov’t. Then, when returned, almost deported again. Spkswmn: “It’s not our fault!” http://is.gd/vJ83 #

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1 May 2009 at 10:01 am

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