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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-04-29

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  • Yeah, brilliant, buzz NYC with a jumbo jet pursued by an F-16 in the morning, nice and low. BHO is a GENIUS! http://is.gd/uYh4 #
  • And it was all for a photo op to celebrate his first hundred days. Can you say “narcissist”? #
  • Randy Barnett’s proposed Federalism Amendment has a site: http://is.gd/v15g #
  • Shrank my swap for more filespace. Had to change the UUID in fstab, first time I’ve edited Xubuntu’s fstab EVER. Yeesh. #
  • They were planning to do a *second* fly-by photo shoot. In Washington D.C. It’s being “reconsidered”. Ye gods. http://is.gd/v1Qh #
  • Why some directors should never be given the final cut. http://is.gd/uBBH #
  • If she were a character in a Sylvester Stallone screenplay, she would be known as Megan “The Stone” Fox. Yowza http://is.gd/uUL5 #
  • Cheesy horror script idea: Kill-o-bite, the story of a ravenous netbook. #
  • My allergies are using my skull for a punching bag today. #
  • “[W]hatever reason Peter Sellers or Richard Burton chose to live in the Switzerland, it was not for the cuckoo clocks.” http://is.gd/vc7v #
  • What kind of sick mind thinks that being told she is wrong is worse than actually being wrong? Yeesh. #
  • CNN wonders why it’s shedding viewers, but thinks that “freedom” is meaningless. http://is.gd/ve8W (There is, of course, NO connection!) #
  • Jeez, Arlen Specter couldn’t even keep his story straight for two months? http://is.gd/veLx #
  • Heh. New Element Discovered: Governmentium http://is.gd/veRX #
  • Obama claims he didn’t know about the NYC AF1 photo op. So, is he lying, or just incompetent? http://is.gd/veUf #

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