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I take no joy in posting this, but, as will be clear, I must.

My relationship with my former fiancee is now ended and all ties have been cut. This would normally be a private matter, except that she has exhibited such contempt in the past for even the most basic forms of ethics and morality that I must now preempt the very likely event that she will continue her ways.

My name is Ian Michael Hamet, and if you get a message from me that seems off or odd or in some way not right, there is a good chance that it is not from me.

There are a few ways of ensuring that it really is from me. The easiest is to check to see that it is signed with my PGP key, available at the bottom of this post and on my Contact page. If it is not signed (which happens when I send from web mail most of the time), then reply and ask for me to verify with a signed response.

Further, if you see my name on some web service or other, check it against my ClaimID page. If it’s not there, then it’s not mine (excepting some dating profiles, at the moment), and treat anything said in my name as being fraudulent.

Roanne Valenzuela has demonstrated, repeatedly, that she is not above forging web accounts and profiles in order to slander and defame individuals — not just myself, she has done it to others as well.

She has also demonstrated that there is no lie she will not tell to achieve her ends, even if that end is simply causing the most minor frustration to her “enemy”. She has, for instance, accused me of “impersonating” her “husband” on Flickr in order to get other Flickr users to block me. (She has never been married, and I present myself under my actual name on Flickr.) I posted this information on my profile to forestall future lies about me, and she now claims that I am “attacking” her by telling the truth about her actions. In my judgment, if she did not wish to “look bad”, she should not have done things which would cast her in such a light.

This is on top of last autumn’s melodrama, in which she falsely accused me of statutory rape, for no reason other than she wanted to “get back” at me.

So, any accusation directed at me must be treated with suspicion, as it may very well be her making the accusation under an assumed identity on the internet. Any accusation she makes directly should be treated as a lie or, at the very best, a statement that has only the most tendentious, tortured, and distant relationship with reality. Even if some statement she makes is, strictly speaking, true, she has no compunction about using fact to give completely false impressions.

When I make a mistake, I own it — as shown when I inadvertently plagiarized J. Neil Schulman, admitted it immediately when I realized it, offered to do any blog post he asked as penance, and then did so.

I am not afraid of my mistakes, but I will not tolerate slander or libel. Roanne Valenzuela is above neither, and has demonstrated it repeatedly. The fact that she keeps erasing her past postings from the internet only further proves that not only does she do such things, she knows them to be wrong. She makes the error of thinking that if the evidence is erased, the damage “undone”, then she has then done nothing wrong.


Anything that is said about me, especially if it seems like tabloid material, please do not accept without at least checking with me first and letting me know.

Thank you.


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  1. Late to the announcement, as usual. Condolences for the death of a relationship, but I wish you best of fortune in future ones.


    13 May 2009 at 10:55 am

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