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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-04-25

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  • King Barack the Mild. http://is.gd/tSPS #
  • Civility and tolerance in the age of Obama http://is.gd/tTox #
  • Mocking an inability to think in principles. http://is.gd/tJbn #
  • Anti-capitalist documentary “puts Ayn Rand back on the map as an accurate and indeed insightful cultural commentator.” http://is.gd/tBEI #
  • It’s a recession, but Linux-centric hardware maker System76’s revenues are way up. http://is.gd/sJVt #
  • Their Favorite Fictions http://is.gd/ucO3 #
  • Old British woman kicks burglar’s arse: “You bloody stay on that stool and don’t you move” http://is.gd/szp8 #
  • Ed Driscoll: Legacy Media’s Seppuku Now Complete http://is.gd/ucOD #
  • The great Edward Cline: From the Academy to Atlas Shrugged http://is.gd/ucTx #
  • Somebody find me the world’s smallest violin, Ted Rall just got laid off. http://is.gd/udxA #
  • Mormon crickets don’t like Rock and Roll. A Mormon Buddy Holly, however, would still rave on. http://is.gd/uhGY #
  • Patterico: Waterboarding Worked, Part 2: The Timing of the Library Tower Plots http://is.gd/uhGY #
  • “…the debate over which Obama presided was all about what would help Obama.” Well, DUH. http://is.gd/ujA0 #
  • J.C. Penny drinks the BO koolaid. http://is.gd/uiZq Still waiting to learn what color shirts his supporters should wear… #
  • When Obama “asks” for something from corporations, do you really think it’s a “request”? http://is.gd/uiWH #
  • Navy jets don’t have a “reverse” gear. http://is.gd/ujEb #
  • Investigative reporter I.F. Stone was, in fact, a Soviet agent. http://is.gd/u9Bn Hey, anything to fight freedom, right? #
  • Students at The New School are revolting. http://is.gd/ujHc As Mrs. Tweedy said, “at last: something we agree on!” #
  • Kathy Shaidle: ‘crazy Vietnam vets’ a Hollywood invention http://is.gd/ubhj #
  • Obama and the SEALS in Somalia http://is.gd/ujJn #
  • Oh goodie, the Taliban’s on its way to getting control of Pakistan’s nukes. http://is.gd/u6w7 #
  • DNC communication director: Yeah, we elected a black guy, but the US is still RACIST. http://is.gd/ujQx #

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