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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-04-23

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  • Brian Mickelthwaite: “Finally, here might be a system worth reporting crimes to.” http://is.gd/tNGg #
  • Our Glorious Law Enforcement Professionals — this guy’s motto sure ain’t “to protect and to serve” http://is.gd/tNKH #
  • Old-ish article, but still apropos: Comandante Obama http://is.gd/ojzy #
  • Teachout: What will American playwrights do without George W. Bush to kick around? http://is.gd/tNOb #
  • The folks behind the Star Trek reboot are unusual for Hollywood: they treat the troops with respect. http://is.gd/s0nF #
  • OK, I like Jamendo a lot, but two annoyances. Default format is not Ogg Vorbis (???), and their bit torrents for Ogg files are badly seeded #
  • Since yesterday, I have put 8 albums into my torrent queue. 2 have downloaded, the rest have had no joy at all. (I did get the MP3s, tho) #
  • FBI’s got some frighteningly effective spyware. http://is.gd/sTsd #
  • Great going, anti-vaccine idiots. London suffering from shocking rise in rare ‘Dickensian’ diseases http://is.gd/tvvF #
  • 13 things we don’t understand yet http://is.gd/rvaM #
  • More Salsa Twin adorability http://is.gd/tTJy #
  • How fast are we losing freedom in America? http://is.gd/tTSp #
  • “making Keith Olbermann seem cool-headed in comparison” http://is.gd/tTTQ #
  • CNN reporter blanks out on camera http://is.gd/tTV1 #
  • Milwaukee Chief of Police Frank Drebin: I shoot the bastards, that’s my policy. http://is.gd/tYbS #
  • Old hardware complaint no. 271: I hate USB 1.0. So damn slow. #
  • Of COURSE Obama wants it both ways. He’s a lefty, so he gets to say whatever he wants with no fear of consequences. http://is.gd/tZbY #
  • Again, don’t bother enviro-nuts with facts, it’s just not fair. http://is.gd/tZdn #

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