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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-04-05

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  • Boy, those UN resolutions sure are effective, aren’t they? http://is.gd/qExy #
  • “[W]hen seconds count, police are just 25 yards and several hours away.” http://is.gd/qJBI #
  • Hey, Mexico, want to reduce your violence problem? Follow the example of Iraq. http://is.gd/qJCG #
  • The Grauniad interprets Obama http://is.gd/qxbM #
  • Patterico: “We totally have to hack this guy’s Teleprompter.” http://is.gd/qJOl #
  • “…except for in authoritarian nations.” You don’t say! http://is.gd/qx11 #
  • Except, you know, Murrow was never a clown. http://is.gd/qJPe #
  • Not in any sense of the word. Are newspapers vital? http://is.gd/qKHu #
  • Martini Boy nails it: The stupidest thing you will read all week. http://is.gd/qKHN #
  • Obama says that he’s the only one standing between bankers and “the pitchforks”. What he’s really worried about is http://is.gd/qKI9 #
  • Japan realizes that the US doesn’t have their back anymore. http://is.gd/qEVf #
  • Considering how propagandized the rest of the region is against Japan, things could get really ugly. #
  • How much of a chance am I supposed to give Obama again? US may cede to Iran’s nuclear ambition. http://is.gd/qELj #
  • Krauthammer on Obama: “His goal is to rewrite the American social compact…” http://is.gd/quz1 #
  • James Randi Educational Foundation Youtube account is back online. http://is.gd/qxWL #
  • Wavering on what I should do for Script Frenzy — outline and character work for a day, or plunge right into a draft. #
  • Probably *should* do the former. #
  • Not a surprise — Obama administration thinks different words will make policies more acceptable. http://is.gd/qx0w #
  • RD @westernstandard: Rex Murphy reviews ‘Shakedown’ by Ezra Levant: http://is.gd/qKTt Get your copy here: http://is.gd/qKTP !rofi in reply to westernstandard #

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5 April 2009 at 10:01 am

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