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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-04-03

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  • Yes We Can! http://is.gd/qdLu #
  • Newsweek even bungles celebrity chats. http://is.gd/qdMR #
  • Bloody hell, no scriptwriting getting done tonight. Damn allergies. #
  • Walter Williams: Our problem is immorality http://is.gd/qdYp #
  • Dr. Thomas Sowell: Barack Obama – A Rookie President http://is.gd/qdYL #
  • The fine art of Paul Avril. NSFW: http://is.gd/qdZE #
  • Penn Jillette: “President Obama is so damn smart. He just drips smart.” http://is.gd/q6Jm #
  • Whoa, #twitter-tools is generating digest posts and then publishing them 12 hours later. Wacky. wonder how to cut that leadtime down? #
  • Eye candy: Glad News. http://is.gd/qeaH #
  • Eye candy: the girl in red http://is.gd/qeb4 #
  • Eye candy: big smile (possibly NSFW) http://is.gd/qebf #
  • Man, Tarantino’s working fast on this one! Inglourious Basterds to compete at Cannes http://is.gd/qebt #
  • I’ve got umpty-dozen books in progress, reading-wise… and yet that Poul Anderson collection keeps catching my eye, beckoning to me… #
  • I’ve had Going For Infinity for quite some time in hardcover, but haven’t started it yet. Maybe I’ve been waiting for the right somber mood. #
  • This ought to cause a few aneurysms: Karl Rove laments the intrusion of Chicago politics into the White House. http://is.gd/qbSr #
  • Frank J.: Government Motors Unveils its First Model! http://is.gd/q6Fs #
  • RT @crunchbang: !Crunchbang Forums: CrunchBang Monthly Newsletter #0904 http://tinyurl.com/dlzyeu in reply to crunchbang #
  • I hate allergies with a brutal and furious passion. Blech. #
  • Bill Martell’s Script Tip of the Day explains why Blood Diamond was an amazing movie (but not how you think) http://is.gd/qiJN #
  • “The Tea Party Movement is merely a step in the right direction in the war against tyranny and socialism.” Yep. http://is.gd/qjyL #
  • GW Bush’s average favorable rating, 2001-2009: 56%. You’d never know it from the news coverage. http://is.gd/qjB4 #
  • Congressional “ethics” http://is.gd/qjCk #
  • “Crowds about the same size should generate about the same amount of coverage, right?” http://is.gd/qhbi #
  • Wikipedia’s article on Atlas Shrugged is getting “edited” in funny ways. http://is.gd/qjEw #
  • Of course, you can just go to CliffsNotes and get the summary there. http://is.gd/qjFK It’s written by Andy Bernstein, & thus pretty good. #
  • Objectivist Round Up 90 http://is.gd/qjLk #
  • Don Watkins: “like a Frankenstein emerging from the graveyard of the 20th century, central planning is back.” http://is.gd/qjNa #
  • Yaron Brook: Capitalism without guilt (video) http://is.gd/iyq4 #
  • Sunday’s Bone Conduction Music Show is posted (haven’t checked since Monday). http://is.gd/qjPc #
  • DistroWatch: VectorLinux 6.0 Light is released http://is.gd/qjRs #
  • Wired: Where gadgets go to die. http://is.gd/qfke #
  • OK, have taken a benadryl. So now, instead of feeling runny and missing-brained, I’ll now feel dry and missing-brained. Yay. #
  • Confederate Yankee: “Ninety-Percent” Lie Goes Up in Smoke http://is.gd/qkgU #
  • Big Hollywood: Obama’s Weakness Endangers Us All http://is.gd/qp1D #
  • CHUD: Sam Raimi Confirms Spidey 3’s “Too Many Cooks” Theory http://is.gd/qp2j #
  • M. Night Shyamalan is shooting another movie. Not his own story. So maybe there’s a tiny bit of hope. http://is.gd/qp2S #
  • I downloaded it months ago, but should I read Inglourious Basterds, or wait for the movie? #
  • I read Kill Bill before seeing it, and don’t think it harmed the viewing experience. But that movie changed from script to screen. A lot. #
  • Robert Ludlum as directed by David Cronenberg??? Oh, PLEASE let this happen! http://is.gd/qp74 #
  • Lurid paperback cover for the day: Homicide Johnny. Everbody wanted her — even the killer! http://is.gd/qp7J #
  • Why is this man bowing? http://is.gd/qpeV #
  • Mixed verdict in Churchill trial — lying plagiarist gets $1.00 in damages. http://is.gd/qow6 #
  • Palestinian terrorist attacks 2 children with axe. http://is.gd/qpgU #
  • Oh, man, even the AP can’t take him seriously. “Obama promised a ‘stern’ response” to NK missile test. Scare quotes! http://is.gd/qpwr #
  • Furious D experiences serious schadenfreude. http://is.gd/qpxv #
  • pretty signs of spring http://is.gd/qpyc #

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