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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-04-02

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  • Interesting shot, very moody. http://is.gd/pZVe #
  • One must wonder at what mischief she might be contemplating. http://is.gd/pZVv #
  • Hope and Change: Obama Will Face a Defiant World on Foreign Visit http://is.gd/pslF #
  • Jeezum Crow, a Republican is within 100 votes in NYC??? http://is.gd/q08K #
  • Wait, I *swear* I pulled up identi.ca and not… oh, right. Got me. 🙂 #
  • It’s a pretty well-done prank. http://is.gd/q1xb #
  • Christopher Hitchens: The Swastika and the Cedar http://is.gd/pIR3 #
  • The Strange Ways of Love, another Gold Medal paperback cover. With a redhead! http://is.gd/q64Z #
  • Will Collier: Failures must be allowed to fail. http://is.gd/q65R We should be so lucky. BO and crew will never let capitalism work. #
  • “Another ally-turned-enemy of the Kremlin is offed, this time in Dubai.” http://is.gd/q6hB #
  • You just KNOW that some lackwit is going to tie that to Russia’s flirtation with the gold standard and use them to smear capitalism. #
  • Xubuntu’s “System Restart Required” icon in the system tray is mocking me. #
  • Yowzers. Cheerleader. I’ve never seen one who smolders before. http://is.gd/q6mh #
  • “Will they sing the same songs over and over again in Groundhog Day: The Musical?” http://is.gd/q6rt Apparently, it’s in the works. #
  • Gus Van Horn has trouble blogging since Obama took office “just because of the sheer volume of things he’s doing wrong” http://is.gd/q6sX #
  • I know the feeling, yet it actually helps with the microblogging. Just post a link and a snarky comment, and move on. 🙂 #
  • Tim Geithner as Wesley Mouch. Makes a lot of sense. http://is.gd/q6uQ #
  • What kind of effed up thinking translates “never” into “a day and a half”? #
  • Huh, I’m old. I only know some of these Top 15 Twitter Acronyms, and they all hail from the ’90s. http://is.gd/fAQF #
  • Oh, geez. There’s an entire Twictionary. http://is.gd/fT9 #
  • 6000 rare dolphins found in South Asia. http://is.gd/q6FQ #
  • I need a study to tell me this? Rosy complexion is sign of health. http://is.gd/q6GM #
  • China denies US research vessel access to Taiwan Strait. http://is.gd/q6Hs #
  • Grauniad: Japanese confidence hits record low. http://is.gd/q6JD #
  • At Chicago’s Robeson High, motivated, hard-working students may get A’s in honors classes — and then fail in college. http://is.gd/q6M #
  • German homeschoolers seek political asylum. http://is.gd/q5yK #
  • Nuts, Script Frenzy starts today, and I still have nothing ready to roll. http://is.gd/gFVC #
  • Might need to bust my hump on the Top Secret Adaptation. Oy. #
  • RT/RD @cei: #cei #liberty Obama Follows in Hoover’s Footsteps http://twurl.nl/rr6oek in reply to cei #
  • George Reisman: The fundamental obstacles to economic recovery – Marxism and Keynesianism http://is.gd/qbml #
  • Lurid paperback cover of the day (not Gold Medal this time): Enter Without Desire by Ed Lacy. http://is.gd/qbnj #
  • Joe Miller’s Jest Book. http://is.gd/qbwt #
  • Joe Miller’s Jests (different book, more than a hundred years older). http://is.gd/qbwM #
  • Jenny McCarthy, idiot. http://is.gd/qbxB #
  • Look around you, all you see are patriotic eyes… http://is.gd/qbyA #
  • “…so simple that even an Obama Administration appointee can figure it out.” http://is.gd/qbzi #
  • John Cox, funny as ever. http://is.gd/qbRS #
  • For gods’ sake, STOP GIVING UWE BOLL MONEY! “Janjaweed” to star Ed Furlong, Billy Zane, Kristanna Loken. http://is.gd/qbT1 #
  • This, on the other hand, is a fascinating cast: Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser, and Courtney Vance. It’s called “Crowley” http://is.gd/qbTK #
  • Grauniad headline: Man dies during G20 protests in London. News: “bottles were thrown at police medics trying to help” http://is.gd/qbAj #
  • More on “peaceful” protests: “This isn’t violence,” retorted another voice in the crowd, “We paid for this building.” http://is.gd/qbVg #
  • Obama the eloquent: “the United States as a peer of these other guys” http://is.gd/qbVX #
  • “An entire generation has grown up alienated from classical music. How has Britain allowed this to happen?” http://is.gd/qbXa #
  • This article on China as a world power does not put my mind at ease. But then, I know what they mean by “harmonious”. http://is.gd/qbXP #
  • Gotta love den Beste: “GM can’t be made economically viable unless someone is willing to kick the UAW in the nuts.” http://is.gd/qbYz #
  • The plagiarizing fraud is getting his day in court: Ward Churchill trial goes to jury. http://is.gd/qbZk #
  • Uncyclopedia. http://is.gd/jPEC #
  • Pigeons of Notre Dame http://is.gd/qc0P #

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