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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-04-01

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  • Glenn Beck puts a looter on the spot and makes him squirm to avoid answering a simple yes or no question. http://is.gd/pMyz #
  • Chinese eye candy, completely work safe. http://is.gd/pN7F #
  • Tired. And entrancing. #
  • http://is.gd/pN8F #
  • Andy Hallet, who played Lorne on Angel, is gone. http://is.gd/pN9B #
  • Outrageous. James Randi has been banned from YouTube. http://is.gd/pNb0 #
  • Obama’s brilliant strategy: Get tough with private business, cower before Iran. Joy. http://is.gd/pNc4 #
  • Iraq to start executing gays this week. http://is.gd/pNdf #
  • Brooke. http://is.gd/pNdH #
  • Bedtime. Off to the courts of the crimson kings, and the land of nod not long after. #
  • Chilly, sky is gray | Morning bird chirps for ladies | Traffic drones and whines #
  • Angie Harmon: “Disagreement is not racist” http://is.gd/pEQy #
  • Governor, there’s nothing left to pay. Brilliant. http://is.gd/pRp1 #
  • Mike Baron (co-creator of Nexus) on Why Atlas Shrugged Matters http://is.gd/pbrZ #
  • Best way to predict government’s next move: what will do most to increase concentration of power? http://is.gd/pRn9 #
  • Hah! The Federal Unionized Bureau of Auto Repair. http://is.gd/pRuX #
  • Who taxes the taxmen? CA IRS agent admits cheating on his own taxes. http://is.gd/pQGx #
  • Twitter-tools is running the digest better, but I still can’t figure out how it determines times. #
  • It seems to gather tweets/dents at the correct time, but then it waits to post them for hours. No idea why. #
  • The oceans aren’t rolling back, the political parties aren’t united, and now the world doesn’t love us enough. http://is.gd/pRJf C’mon, BO! #
  • And where’s his unicorn? There was supposed to be a flying Presidential unicorn! #
  • “When he opened the door to the shed that day, and saw the axe suspended in mid-air, he understood what was wrong” http://is.gd/pRRg #
  • “I Like Martian Music”, sf story from 1957 http://is.gd/pRSd #
  • Sanity in the judicial system? Judge Temporarily Bars Prosecutor from Charging Teens for Child Porn Pics http://is.gd/pRUa #
  • Cool! Old Basil Wolverton comics put online. http://is.gd/pRUN #
  • NY Congresswoman hates your right to keep and bear arms. http://is.gd/pRWj #
  • New poster for Sam Raimi’s “Drag Me To Hell” http://is.gd/pRX2 #
  • Paramount commissions Star Trek sequel script http://is.gd/pRYr #
  • Nothing In Her Way. Gold Medal paperbacks had the BEST cover art! http://is.gd/pS06 #
  • Furious D translates Hollywood CEO-speak into English http://is.gd/pSeL #
  • Now that’s a smile! http://is.gd/pSfX #
  • Atlas Shrugged and Ayn Rand’s morality of egoism http://is.gd/pSh7 #
  • You must volunteer, it’s mandatory. http://is.gd/pz6U #
  • Netanyahu as Churchill? That actually makes some sense. http://is.gd/pSjI #
  • A classic study of free banking in Scotland before 1845 http://is.gd/pSkr #
  • Heh. “You know Apple, famous for its insensitivity to aesthetics…” http://is.gd/pSlk #
  • Hah. Malkin: The soul-fixer-in-chief is here to dry your tears. http://is.gd/pO4x #
  • Another excellent Gold Medal cover (without the downloadable book to go with, alas) http://is.gd/pSoS #
  • The Kawaii Menace: Poll – who’s the biggest babe in anime? http://is.gd/pSq0 #
  • Huh. PCLinuxOS is one of the most popular Linux distros. Right now, though, its community is rending itself apart. http://is.gd/pY0q #
  • Fascist economics http://is.gd/pY2p #
  • #firefox tweaks to double the browser’s speed. http://is.gd/oYbs #
  • A view Askew. http://is.gd/pY46 #
  • Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran — Or I Will http://is.gd/pTrR #
  • This could be cool: Thomas Jane has directed and starred in a 3D noir, Dark Country http://is.gd/pY56 #
  • Was playing Paul Whiteman earlier, but have a headache now, so no music. #
  • Tom Maguire: Krugman was wrong, wrong, and wrong, misspelled “Guaranty”, but got to call conseratives stupid. http://is.gd/pWAD #
  • Duh! “There is no freedom without capitalism” http://is.gd/pYm8 #
  • BO wants US to have seat on UN Human Rights Council, next to China, Saudi Arabia, other paragons of individual rights. http://is.gd/pXS3 #
  • “No doubt” that Obama “won” in his “fight” with Rush Limbaugh. Wonder what color the sky is in his world? http://is.gd/pWs8 #
  • Emerging details on China’s carrier-killing weapon, range of 2000 km. http://is.gd/pSYJ #
  • More newspapers hit death spiral. Sun-times Media Group Inc. files bankruptcy. #
  • http://is.gd/pYr2 #
  • Virginia Postrel on The Glamour of Star Trek http://is.gd/pYte #
  • Barney Frank approves of bill for government control of wages — ex post facto. http://is.gd/pQXf #
  • Jeez, are NYT reporters and editors going to be featured on Leno’s Jaywalking segments anytime soon? http://is.gd/pYuO #
  • Hezbollah doesn’t have wings. http://is.gd/pYvm #
  • Microsoft kills off Encarta. http://is.gd/pZat #
  • Myrhaf: government is “grabbing power and destroying liberty so fast it is hard to keep up.” And how. http://is.gd/pZdk #
  • Keith Lockitch of ARI: “Green energy” means no energy. http://is.gd/pZh4 #
  • Quick!!! While He’s OUtta the Country, Let’s Change it Back to ‘America’!!!!!!! http://is.gd/pZmz #

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