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Identi.ca Updates for 2009-03-31

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  • GM CEO resigns at Obama’s “suggestion”. White House will have role in choosing replacement. How is this not fascism? http://is.gd/pyNz #
  • Medical science is the best! Stem cells to grow bigger breasts. http://is.gd/ps7D #
  • Aw fudge. Maurice Jarre, one of the great film composers, is gone. http://is.gd/pAqd Did scores for Lawrence of Arabia, Dr. Zhivago, more #
  • The Professionals, Shogun, Witness, The Mosquito Coast. #
  • If he had done nothing other than Lawrence, he would still be remembered forever. #
  • Jarre just went, Goldsmith went last year, should I start worrying about John Williams? #
  • The Limbaugh Challenge http://is.gd/px9x #
  • Dozens dead in Ivory Coast stampede http://is.gd/pAtU #
  • http://is.gd/pAua Japan Debates Digging Itself Out… #
  • Politicians question whether public works projects are an effective cure for nation’s economic woes. #
  • Didn’t their recession start in the early ’90s? Their question seems to answer itself. #
  • Said earlier that nuclear power may be coming back. Unfortunately, so is the scare-mongering. http://is.gd/pAuN #
  • Britain is getting scary. “Wearing hijab and following fashion is all about layering” http://is.gd/pAvF Ye gods. #
  • Joanne Jacobs: First, educate the kids http://is.gd/pAyb #
  • The Dr. Fox effect – if you don’t know what an “expert” is talking about, you might be too easily impressed. Or President http://is.gd/pAyN #
  • Didn’t know this: Kaplan is owned by the Washington Post company http://is.gd/pAz9 (And generates more than half their profits!) #
  • Skills-free math http://is.gd/pAzv #
  • 2nd grade school assignment: build something magnetic that lights up. http://is.gd/oYfr Insane. #
  • High school girl charged with child molestation for pic of herself in a bra sues prosecutor for overzealousness. http://is.gd/pABw #
  • Filipina eye candy (totally work safe): Teacher’s Enemy http://is.gd/pAD3 #
  • Whomever “the never knowingly underexposed” Kelly Brook might be, she’s an eyeful. 🙂 http://is.gd/pAT1 #
  • Barney Frank’s partner worked in Fannie Mae as Frank was on House Banking Committee. No conflict of interest there! http://is.gd/3vZq #
  • If you want people not to learn the ugly truth about you, the answer is to change the truth, not to find a new lie to cover it. #
  • Media bias? What media bias? http://is.gd/pFqJ #
  • The Weekly World News Lives! Google Street View Reveals E.T. http://is.gd/pFxH #
  • The Fascist Bargain #
  • http://is.gd/pFyn #
  • Keith Olberman might not be the biggest dumbass in the world, but he’s sure trying for the title. http://is.gd/pFio #
  • Congressman John Murtha: “If I’m corrupt, it’s because I take care of my district.” http://is.gd/pu92 #
  • British culture punishing achievement and intelligence. http://is.gd/pE82 If that continues, they’re toast. #
  • Al Gore: Pay no attention to the floodlights behind the curtain! http://is.gd/pFSn #
  • I really need a newer laptop. Mine is too much of an ancient beast, no matter how excellent the keyboard is. #
  • Twitter followers: Thank you, and please don’t be offended that I don’t reciprocate. I post through Identi.ca only. Add me there, and I will #
  • Myrhaf asks exactly the question I asked the other day: how is this not fascism? http://is.gd/pKnI #
  • Town Hall Putsch http://is.gd/pKpC #
  • I like the second Bourne movie, but this is right — Bond is a far better character. http://is.gd/pKrs #
  • From the front lines of the Texas evolution debate. http://is.gd/pKBD #
  • Mark Cuban: Are Tweets Copyrighted? http://is.gd/pzpr That’s a major reason I chose Identi.ca — the CC license is clear. #
  • In Philadelphia, you must have a license to talk about history and get paid for it. http://is.gd/pKLc Nuts. #
  • More Nerfworld insanity: Fire kills child, 3, and parents as police prevent neighbours from trying to rescue them http://is.gd/pKMP #
  • David Horowitz on Obama Derangement Syndrome http://is.gd/pD0I #
  • Group test: Getting Things Done apps for Linux http://is.gd/pKRr #
  • Gee, wonder if they’ll start with an expose on BO’s incompetence? Introducing the new Huffington Post Investigative Fund http://is.gd/pC6M #
  • Laminate Hah Mice. My name, anagrammed. Go ahead and do yours http://is.gd/1ZHA #
  • Writer/Producer Lee Goldberg on frugality in TV production: http://is.gd/pKZL #
  • New FDR bio a whitewash? http://is.gd/pL5e There’s a cure for that. http://is.gd/pL5l #
  • Russia (RUSSIA!!!) looks to the gold standard to end the economic crisis. http://is.gd/pCBy #
  • (Replacing previous tweet/dent with correct URL) Larissa GuitarRARa. NSFW: http://is.gd/pL8Y #
  • Huh. TS Eliot rejected Orwell’s Animal Farm for publication. http://is.gd/puCQ #
  • “I can’t work in this country.” http://is.gd/pLeY #
  • NYT covers for Obama, spikes critical story. Biiiig shock, I know. http://is.gd/pKoG #

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