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Our Betters

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If you go by the leftists or the elites, there are only two kinds of people whom we, the benighted masses, should trust — the saintly media, whose every word is scoured and pored over by layers upon layers of fact-checkers to ensure that they are always, always right and just; and the folks who run the government, who are not only there to help us, who not only know how to run the country better than anybody else at all, but who are a more elevated breed of human being, above mere material concerns.

And if you think that the media are saints, and our public lords and masters servants are flawless by mere dint of their holding a public “trust”, then this is the sort of story you just kind of ignore and hope that nobody will notice.

Christopher Pohle, of New Canaan, was falsely identified as an AIG employee who received a retention bonus, State Representative John W. Hetherington, said in a news release Thursday. To be clear, everyone, he did not get a bonus.


Pohle’s name was among 13 people who were subpoenaed last week to testify during a Banks Committee hearing, according to several news reports.

State officials obtained the names from media accounts about the bonuses, the Stamford Advocate reports.


Sleep tight, everybody!

(And recall this quote from Bastiat.)

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