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So Goku returns to conveniently find Gohan, just about to die, but just alive enough to tell Goku to believe in himself (among a handful of other convenient noble one-liners destined to be repeated later in the film) and that it’s his destiny to sniff out all the Dragonballs he can (which, as everyone knows, will grant the ball-handler a wish when collected together), stop Piccolo from destroying the world and do it all in 90 minutes so the kids can make it home in time for Spongebob and the rest of the paying audience can drown their sorrow in a bottle of cheap whiskey while lighting their Dragon Ball manga collections on fire in front of the 20th Century Fox offices.

— Zac Bertschky, review of Dragonball: Evolution

I mean, it’s looked like a really bad movie almost from the get-go, but I had some small hope that at least James Marsters would bring some fun to the bad guy (he played Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Ah, well.

den Beste)

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