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The Bat, 1959

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This is the movie Vincent Price made right after The House on Haunted Hill, it seems, and you can sort of see why he agreed to be in it. It’s another gimmicky story, set mostly in one location, that seems like it should be having fun bringing the audience in on the joke.

Except that the movie doesn’t understand that it is a ridiculous joke. And it utterly fails to have any fun at all. (Vincent Price, however, is having fun, at least a little.)

I’ve seen some bad Price movies. I’ve sat all the way through Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs. More than once. But this is possibly the worst he was ever involved in.

There are exactly two redeeming features here. First is the opening, cheesy as hell, bombastic jazz theme, which fits nothing in the movie even remotely. ((But this was 1959 — you had to use jazz in the film score, it was a Hollywood Law, at least for the big studios and the ones that wanted to be big. Call it Preminger’s Dictat. )) In fact, here’s the theme for you:


Atrocious, isn’t it?

And there is, of course, Vincent. Alas, his role is as a red herring, neither the protagonist nor the villain.

But overall, this one really isn’t worth anyone’s time.


Written by [IMH]

20 November 2008 at 2:17 pm

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