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Much as I loved Jim Mitchell’s Bogart theme, he recently had a bad experience with theme thievery and started getting stricter about Bogart’s Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works license. ((When I first started using Bogart, it was licensed under a GPL.))

While I loved the theme, I made some changes to it (the typography for blockquotes, e.g.). And since part of his problem was with sites with ads, I figured rather than even worry about whether he would have a problem with my changes (I never removed attribution or tried to claim credit for the theme), it would just be easier to use something I’d done myself.

So I hammered out what you’re looking at here, which still needs a deal of tinkering. It’s built on Scott Allan Wallick’s Sandbox theme (which is licensed under the GPL, and which you can see the original design of at the link), with mostly-unaltered PHP files. Most of what I did was in the CSS, though I did add some tracking and ad code to a few of the PHP files.

It’s got a similar layout to Bogart, a completely different color scheme, and no images at all. It’s not especially original or brilliant, but it’s very readable. And, sooner or later, I’ll probably change this one, too. 🙂

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