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Mesa of Lost Women, 1953

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Oy. Wow. Yarg.

Or, in somewhat more enlightening terms: Mesa of Lost Women is disjointed, silly, and plodding.

Any comparisons to Ed Wood movies are apt and begged for, given that there’s patch-up narration ((The kind of narration that fills in holes in the actual story. )) by one of Ed Wood’s stock company, and annoying soundtrack music straight out of Jail Bait.

There is an insanely hot woman in the cast. But that’s really the only reason at all to watch it, and it’s not enough. Not nearly enough. Especially since she’s only really in a few scenes. ((She does, however, do a very memorable dance in one scene, for no good reason. ))


In a nutshell, a mad scientist (played by Uncle Fester himself, Jackie Coogan) has a lab on a mesa in Mexico and has made immense progress in two areas: bringing out human characteristics in spiders and insects, and bringing out spider and insect characteristics in humans. The former area has given the mesa (and soon — the world!) a gigantic tarantula. The latter has given the mesa a large supply of weak midget men and smokin’ hot women, all of whom are more than happy to indulge in homicidal behavior.

This is discovered — in tortured, extended flashback — by a doctor whom Fester wants to join in on the world-dominating fun. The good doc refuses, goes mad, escapes, is returned with a crew of innocents, and is killed. The Good Innocent Pilot and his lady love, the Good Innocent Wife (soon to be Widow, sorry, spoiler) Of A Bad Rich Man, both manage to escape with their lives. The flashback is the pilot’s. The opening and closing narration, however, are the film’s alone, trying to cover for a terrible script and a botched production.

Is it the worst movie ever made? Hardly. It’s simply incompetent, with little joy, and some watchable women who don’t make up for the time and brain cells lost.


Written by [IMH]

1 September 2008 at 8:25 pm

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  1. Maybe you should have chosen another still image from the movie, she looks ugly in that one. 😀

    Roanne Jean Isisdro Valenzuela, Maryland RN license no. R188912

    2 September 2008 at 10:36 am

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