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Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter, 1966

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With a title like Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter, you rather expect something. Cheese, camp, Ed Wood-level silliness, something. But no, you basically get the title. And, okay, two reasonably-attractive female leads (who offer more variety than anything else in the movie — one’s a bona fide Cuban, the other is actually Eastern European), who aren’t given much to do.

This flick was shot in eight days, and it really shows. I mean, come on, The Erotic Adventures of Zorro (“The First Movie Ever Rated Z!”) had a nine day shoot! The actors mostly phone in their performances, the director sets the camera down and doesn’t do anything interesting with it, the location scout found sets and locations that more or less fit the story, even the screenwriter seems to have knocked this out without much interest or care. (He does make an effort to fit the story into the timeline of the real Jesse James’s life, which he would, since he made a mini-career out of writing or producing Jesse James films, but beyond that he just coasts. The Wild Bunch has its name from history, and nothing else. Information is delivered in gobbing expository lumps. And so on.)

It’s basically a nothing movie, made to fill out a double-feature bill (paired with, of course, Billy the Kid meets Dracula), and almost instantly forgettable.

If you want it, it’s available on its own, or on the Chilling Classics 50 Movie Pack.


Written by [IMH]

11 June 2008 at 4:25 am

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