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Werewolf in a Girls’ Dormitory, 1963

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As Ken Begg wrote:

It’s all there, isn’t it? In terms of boiling down the traditional lures of violence and sex into one short formulation, [the title is] perfect.

And it is. It’s got to be one of the classic titles of all time. You know instantly whether you want to watch it or not.

It is, in fact, a fairly innocuous little film, shot in Italy in the early sixties. There’s not much to recommend it beyond the title, per se, except supposedly the opening theme song (which I didn’t hear, because the print on the Chilling Classics 50 Movie Pack does not include the opening credits), and a couple of smoldering-to-smoking-hot Euro babes.

A new teacher, a doctor with a shady past, comes to teach in a girls’ reform school. Just as he arrives, girls start getting killed by wolves… or a werewolf. Everybody (at least, everybody male) is made to be suspicious, more girls die, men are picked off one by one, until the real werewolf is revealed and dealt with. Not a deep movie.

But who cares? Look at these babes!

Priscilla, our heroine:

And then there’s the best-looking of our minor characters:

If you prefer to see her in a more vertical position, with more emphasis on her rather lovely face, then there’s this:

Anyway, as I say, it’s not an awful movie, but it’s nothing like good. It’s not painful, nor offensive, and it gets its job done. Had it been made just a few years later, yeah, there would have been some actual nudity, but there also would have been gore, and I wasn’t in the mood for the later when I watched this.

It kept me watching, it amused me somewhat, I’ve no complaints.

And the babes were, as noted, smokin’ hot. 🙂

As I said above, it is available on the Chilling Classics 50 Movie Pack, which, while not the best of the Mill Creek Entertainment 50 movie sets, is none too shabby. And the price is right, too.

Written by [IMH]

5 June 2008 at 5:17 pm

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