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Roughshod PosterI haven’t been reading as many movie scripts as I really should, but thanks to Simply Scripts, I came across a gem and I’ve got to share it.

I’ve only read most of the first act, but even just that far, I can tell you that Roughshod is very well-written, keeping you interested scene by scene and moving right along. The film is unavailable, so far as I can tell, and that’s a shame, if for no other reason than that it stars Gloria Grahame.

(IMDB doesn’t even have it listed to run on TV(!).)

But anyway, it’s a smooth read, it’s something most people have probably never seen (and won’t have a chance to anytime soon, darn the luck!), so you can read it fresh and just see the movie in your mind. And, while it has some formatting differences from modern scripts (modern scripts are not supposed to call shots, it’s perceived as impeding on the director’s job), it reads very, very well and will give you an idea of how these things work.


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31 May 2008 at 9:39 am

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