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ZOMFG!!!!11! Bush is getting TOTALLY pwnd by his former press sec!!!!!!!

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Jay Rosen over at PressThink, never one to hide his biases or check his premises, has gone rather overboard with the upcoming release of Scott McClellan’s new (assertion-heavy, but apparently evidence-free) book, all but cackling and rubbing his hands with glee, the very picture of a fourteen-year-old girl who finally, finally has found someone who will take the Queen Bitch of the eighth grade down a peg or two, and then things will go back to the way they used to be, when everybody liked her, nobody disagreed, and Dan Rather was the most trusted man in America.

His language and diction are choice, coming from an ostensible professional in a profession he supposedly is trying to defend as dignified.

For instance:

The Today Show rocked today…

If I remember my teenage vernacular correctly, “rocked” is higher up the scale than “ruled”, but ranks somewhere below “totally kicked ass”. He goes on to tell you, the reader, that

You have to watch it.

He did, at least, leave out the “ZOMG” and triple exclamation point, so he exercised at least a modicum of restraint.

He also exhibits his typical MSM narcissism, claiming that the way things were run in our republic prior to Teddy Roosevelt are “extreme” and (implicitly) undesirable. The way things were run, of course, was without treating the press like a pre-sainted priesthood that must always be deferred to, a priesthood that not only stands in for The People, but knows the minds of The People better than those dirty plebeians ever could themselves.

It’s all pretty hysterical (as in over-emotional, not funny), overwrought, and ill thought out. But at least he doesn’t call Bush Hitler. Not directly.

(The question to apply to any Rosen rant involving Bush and his treatment of the press is: “If faced with an unremittingly hostile and antagonistic press — a press which has proven over and again that even outright fraud is not to be ruled out when working against you, so long as they think they can get away with it (see Rather, Dan) — how would you treat the press?” For Bush, Rosen’s preferred position would seem to be on his knees, begging forgiveness — if not performing a more Lewinskian act.)


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29 May 2008 at 12:35 pm

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