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No matter who wins the presidency, we’re going to be saddled with someone who wants to be a fascist dictator.

And the sad thing is, the only one for whom I could vote in any kind of good conscience probably won’t even get nominated, unless she steals it.

Barack Hussein Obama ((and if he didn’t like his middle name, then why didn’t he have it legally changed?)) has no experience, a disturbing sense of entitlement, and handles even the mildest adversity just terribly. Add to that his close ties to Wright and former terrorists, to say nothing of his wife’s disgusting views, and he’s a disaster waiting to happen. Sadly, he’s almost certainly our next President, as well.

John McCain served America honorably and heroically in the Vietnam war, but only himself as a US Senator. Anyone who supported, let alone authored, the direct assault on every citizen’s right of free speech that was the McCain-Feingold bill has no business anywhere but locked in stocks in the public square for daily ridicule, or else wearing a suit of tar and feathers while being given a ride out of town on a rail. The Presidency has had some vile men in it, but rarely one who has been so openly contemptuous of the Constitution before he even takes the oath to uphold and defend it. There is no way in hell I will for McCain.

I could vote for Hillary, despite her awfulness, for the simple reason that while she’s vile, she’s perfectly willing to throw aside any and all principles. That is usually a bad thing, but if America were attacked while she was President, she’d be so personally offended that whoever it was had the gall to attack while she was President that she’d toss aside all the touchy-feely “it takes a village” crap and nuke them back to the stone age. Of the three candidates, she’s the one most likely to do the right thing, however wrong her reasons for it might be. (“Most likely” meaning there’d be only a slight chance, but that’s better than no chance at all.)

But whoever we get, we’re going to be getting a power-lusting, self-aggrandizing potential tyrant who holds himself above the rest of the country, and can not wait to begin telling everyone what to do, how to do it, and start punishing everyone who disagrees with him as rapidly as possible.

The next four years, and possibly the next eight or twelve, are not going to be pleasant.


Written by [IMH]

14 May 2008 at 9:00 am

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  1. True, but don’t forget: McCain’s VP will have a better chance of occupying the big seat than that of either of the other two, so depending on whom he taps…


    22 May 2008 at 2:40 pm

  2. Oh, Great, President Huckabee, here we come. 😦

    I don’t actually agree with that, though. I can very easily believe that at least some of the perpetual victims on the left will absolutely not be able to reconcile their “America is the worst country on Earth” dogmas with our electing a black man President, get the gumption they’ve never had for GWB and get back into the assassination business. And should that happen, lots and lots of people will try to blame the right anyway.

    Aren’t I just a bundle of sunshine this election cycle?


    22 May 2008 at 6:05 pm

  3. I doubt McCain would be dumb enough to choose Huckabee. Hard-right Republicans already have only one possible candidate to vote for, so it makes sense for McCain to choose someone who will increase his appeal to the center, the undecided votors that he and Obama are fighting for.

    On the other hand, no one ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of political decisions.


    23 May 2008 at 8:23 am

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