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Flat-earther grumbles that the world missed his “larger point”

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New York Times editor Bill Keller makes a rather stunning admissionLFG):

“I was surprised by how lopsided the opinion was against our decision, with readers who described themselves as independents and Democrats joining Republicans in defending Mr. McCain from what they saw as a cheap shot,” Keller added.

The problem, Keller went on, is that readers didn’t get it.

“Frankly, I was a little surprised by how few readers saw what was, to us, the larger point of the story.”

(Emphasis mine.)

Mr. Keller is an editor at a newspaper — and not just any newspaper, but our nation’s self-proclaimed “paper of record”. Every newspaper’s stock in trade is information, or knowledge.

And here is Mr. Keller, in his capacity as editor, admitting that he has no clue that knowledge is hierarchical! One would think understanding that would be fundamental to his job. But apparently not.

Your readers, Mr. Keller, most assuredly saw the “larger point of the story”, the trouble is that you didn’t support it. The “larger point” is there, clear as a bell; the facts are not. The facts were so blatantly absent that even people on your side called you out on it.

If the facts aren’t there, then the “larger point” crumbles into nothing.

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23 February 2008 at 9:19 am

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