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I truly am happy with Xubuntu, but having only 160 MB of RAM does sometimes put a crimp in my computing. Running Firefox and Celtx at the same time, for example, slows things down enormously. ((Running just Firefox with more than twelve tabs open can slow things down, as well. Given that my average used to be two windows with upwards of forty tabs each, I’ve been having some discipline imposed on me by my machine.)) Starting the system up and just letting it run eats up about half of available memory.

So, while I like and am familiar and comfortable with XFCE (and the Thunar file manager), the other day I installed a gaggle of less resource-intensive alternatives: FVWM, JWM, the E16 version of Enlightenment (E17 is the most current, but the Ubuntu repositories don’t have it posted), FluxBox, and FLWM. In addition, I installed two terminal-based file managers, GNU Midnight Commander and EmelFM.

I haven’t started using any of them yet, but if I need more memory for multiple tasks, I could conceivably boot into FluxBox, use EmelFM to access files, and have a good deal more RAM to work with from the get-go. And if I do that, I’ll be running something that looks amazingly like Damn Small Linux, but with a root partition more than ten times the size.

Linux, if nothing else, gives you options. 🙂


Written by [IMH]

27 January 2008 at 4:26 pm

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