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The sergeant allowed him four steps into the room before he put the flat of his hand against the door and sent it shut again. Fortus Kan spun around—to face the small and deadly mouths of two Patrol blasters. And at the sight all his resistance crumbled at once.

“Please!” His hands went up to his working mouth. He retreated backward, without looking where he was going, until the cot caught him behind the knees and he plumped down upon it as if he were as boneless as a Lydian gelisar.

As Kartr walked toward him the little man cringed as if he wanted to burrow into the tangle of bedding.

“One would begin to think, Kartr, that this gentleman has a guilty conscience—”

— Andre Norton, Star Rangers


Written by [IMH]

20 June 2007 at 12:01 am

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