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Book Seven is almost upon us, so a few random, spoiler-y speculations below the fold.

Hagrid’s a goner. I can’t explain why, explicitly, but my story sense just says that he’s going to go. Heroically.

Ron and Hermione get Happily Ever After. (Yeah, I know: no kidding.)

Either Fred or George is a goner, in heroic fashion, but not both. (This is a gut feeling, but I don’t actually think Rowling’s quite this mean. Maybe it’s better to put it this way: it’s what I would do.)

Harry will live, but there will be a price. He might lose an eye (in exchange for wisdom, mayhap?), he’ll certainly lose his scar ((I’m not sold on the idea that the scar, or Harry, is a horcrux, but I’m not convinced that it, or he, is not one either.)), but he won’t be wholly the man he was or thought he would be after defeating Voldemort.

Dumbledore is and shall remain dead, despite the curious manner of his passing, but he will influence and interact with the story anyhow. If nothing else, his portrait in the Headmaster’s office will have some things to tell Harry that will be damn important.

Snape’s a good guy, and his murder of Dumbledore ((Or was Albus already dead? That might explain why his arm never healed…)) was done on Dumbledore’s orders ((It’s the only explanation for Dumbledore’s pleading with Snape.)).

Snape will redeem himself before Harry’s eyes, and is a goner.

Ginny is going to save Harry’s bacon at least once.

I’m kind of hoping Dumbledore’s Army and Cho Chang will figure into it somehow, but that’s likely wishful thinking on my part.

Harry is the Heir of Gryffindor. Why else would he have been born in Godric’s Hollow.

Harry owns one of the horcruxes he seeks, he just doesn’t know it. A locket that nobody could open is mentioned in Order of the Phoenix, which was found in the House of Black.


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18 June 2007 at 10:59 am

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