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From the Manila Times:

After a long and uphill campaign, Manila was finally chosen last week as the newest site for the National Council on Licensure Examinations (NCLEX).

Journeying to Chicago last week, a team led by Commission on Filipinos Overseas Chairman Dante A. Ang convinced the directors of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to hold the NCLEX here.

In choosing Manila, Faith Fields, president of the NCSBN Board of Directors, said the Philippine government “has shown a deep commitment to ensuring a secure test center in Manila and has been very responsive to NCSBN concerns.”

The NCSBN’s decision should delight the thousands of Filipino nurses seeking work in the United States. No longer would they have to spend their precious dollars for airfare and accommodations to take the exams in Hong Kong or Guam or Saipan.

It is but logical to have a NCLEX test center in Manila. The Philippines is the biggest source of nurses for hospitals and health-care institutions in the US. Fluency in English, propensity to do hard work and a caring nature have long given Filipinos a big edge over other nationalities.

There were cheating scandals in the past, which led to the situation described above. Let’s hope they don’t happen again.

(I’m definitely not a disinterested observer on this front.)


Written by [IMH]

15 February 2007 at 3:16 pm

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