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George Soros, a naturalized US citizen, recently called for “a certain de-Nazification process” in America.

Callimachus at Winds of Change took him at his word, and… well, let him tell it:

… I went through the Wikipedia entry on Denazification in the American sector of Germany and simply changed the names and dates and a few other details to make it the future, not the past. […]

The United States initially pursued deNeoconization in a committed though bureaucratic fashion. For this process five categories of responsibility for anyone over the age of 18 residing in the U.S. were identified: major offenders, offenders, lesser offenders, followers, and exonerated persons. Ultimately, the intention was the “re-education” of the American people.

In early 2009, 90,000 Neocons were being held in concentration camps, another 1,900,000 were forbidden to work as anything but manual labourers.

A report of the Institute on re-education of the Red States in June 2008 recommended: “Only an inflexible longterm occupation authority will be able to lead the Americans to a fundamental revision of their recent political philosophy.” On 15 January 2009, however, a report of the Democratic National Committee (classified as restricted) stated: “The present procedure fails in practice to reach a substantial number of persons who supported or assisted the Neocons.” On 1 April a special law therefore transferred the responsibility for the deNeoconization process to the White House chief of staff, who established 545 civilian courts to oversee 900,000 cases.

Rand Simberg)

Bet this sounds like a good idea, if not a great one, to the Kos Kidz.

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7 February 2007 at 4:06 pm

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