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A happy outcome for Brian Emmett

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If you don’t recall, Brian Emmett was the fellow who won a free trip into space, but had to give up on that life-long dream because the Internal Revenue Service simply cannot abide any transaction anywhere occurring without getting their cut.

Well, where government bureaucrats rob people of their dreams, private entrepreneurs give them back:

Enter Benson Space Co., a Poway-based upstart founded by rocket entrepreneur Jim Benson, who is trying to break into the suborbital spaceflight business.

Benson, who dreamed of flying to space as a boy, said he sympathized with Emmett and offered him a consulting position.

“He had a dream, the dream got broken and we fixed it,” Benson said.

As part of the agreement to be announced Wednesday, the company would pay Emmett to serve as a “test passenger,” allowing him to hitch a free ride into space in late 2008 when the company hopes to send its first paying tourists, Benson said.

Good for Jim Benson — he got good PR, a tax writeoff for his business, and gave a dreamer his dream back.


Written by [IMH]

7 February 2007 at 7:48 am

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