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Cinema Minima is a great blog, and they usually get some top-notch reporting from the important film festivals.

However, they’ve posted a story on the new documentary about the bombing of Hiroshima, titled White Light, Black Rain, in which one single sentence called the entire article into question:

By simply sharing their personal recollections, the survivors make the audience feel the horror and futility of war.

Say what you like, but not only was World War II not futile — from our side of things it was pretty damned effective. We killed fascism dead, in Europe and in Asia.

And say what you want about the horror of the nuclear bombings in Japan, but they, too, were effective. They brought the war to an end quickly, saving countless lives and at least a year of further effort. ((I am leaving aside the choice to bomb Nagasaki, a target of no military value whatsoever. It was chosen as a demonstration and, as such, was effective.))

The only possible way you can look at WWII and call it futile is if you count Japan’s constant expansion, aggression, and brutality as being the side of the angels. If they were the good guys, then yeah, not only was the war futile, it was downright counterproductive.

Which, one hopes, was not quite what Cyndi Greening meant to say when she employed the cliché of the “futility of war”.


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27 January 2007 at 6:52 pm

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