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Man, modern man, especially modern western white man, has no respect for nature, the environment, the ecosystem, Mother Earth, Gaea. What he should do is to look to the past, when humanity was uncorrupted by civilization and lived at one with nature, in total harmony with the ecological balance.


CANBERRA, Australia — Australia’s giant prehistoric animals, including 10-foot-tall kangaroos and wombat-like creatures as big as a rhinoceros, were likely wiped out by aboriginal settlers, not climate change, a researcher said Tuesday.

The question of what killed Australia’s so-called megafauna during the last Ice Age divides paleontologists.

The most popular theories are that climate change drove the giants to extinction more than 40,000 years ago or that Aborigines, who arrived in Australia as far back as 60,000 years ago, were responsible because of overhunting or burning the vegetation upon which the creatures fed.

But new fossil evidence from the Naracoorte Caves region of South Australia state ruled out climate change as the cause, according an article published in the latest edition of the Geological Society of America’s monthly journal, Geology.

“If it wasn’t climate, then it had to be humans,” the article’s author, Flinders University paleontologist Gavin Prideaux, told The Associated Press.

“The real issue now is trying to resolve whether it was hunting or whether it was landscape destruction through burning … and a bit of both is more likely,” he added.

But but but, that can’t be right?! Aussie abos are much wiser than we, and in touch with the spirit of mother earth, and uncorrupted by Western philosophy and evil modern technology and stuff.


Written by [IMH]

28 December 2006 at 10:32 am

Posted in Culture, Science

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