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And then you actually go on the date and… Meh. Oh, it’s not a disaster. She’s… nice. Friendly. Pleasant company. Good new acquaintance. But at some point, earlier than you’d have thought, you arrive at a slightly disappointing feeling: “Hm. She’s not quite as ‘interesting’ as I’d thought she was” (For me, this feeling usually pops up right after “Omigod.. don’tcha just love Meg Ryan?”)

Now, to be fair, most of this is your fault. You’re a male, so you have largely unrealistic expectations of women, and you’re a geek, so the unreality of those expectations is fantastical to the point of absurdity — your model of the feminine ideal falls somewhere at an intersection between Chun-Li and Lady Eowyn.

— MovieBob, 25 November 2006


Written by [IMH]

15 December 2006 at 12:01 am

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