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what do you mean i lost my mind?

Urgh. Bleh.

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Er, it’s Friday? My last clear memory is around mid-day Tuesday, I think. After that, snatches and misery.

I done been sick. Not even remotely fluish, which (for me) is passing strange. Had severe shortness of breath (mostly due to mysteriously, most painfully, sore chest muscles), and a shallow, racing heartbeat (very regular, just fast) for at least one of the missing days. I think they were concurrent.

Yet, somehow, managed to get up a few relatively current posts and comments anyhow.

And, by the evidence, to eat regularly and healthily (by my standards, at any rate 🙂 ).

Still recovering strength. Quotes next week have been set for some time, but other posts may or may not go up, maybe every day, maybe less so. We shall see.

PS: The glorious spring weather we’ve been having made up for itself in the last five-six days. They’ve all been nearly as miserable as I’ve felt.

SUNDAY UPDATE: I’m back up to 100% (well… okay, 97%, but close enough for me), and the weather today is simply divine. Off to a park to read and scribble in the sun all day.


Written by [IMH]

19 May 2006 at 12:47 pm

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