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Scott Holleran, in an otherwise positive review, goes against the critical trend and criticizes Paul Greengrass and the film United 93 for failing its subject in a fundamental way:

The movie fails to provide the context of men and women planning to defy Moslem terrorists bent on destroying the West. By known accounts, the passengers executed an heroic act of self-interest proving they were united in seeking to live life on earth, not to enter an afterlife. Here, their rallying cry, “Let’s roll,” uttered by passenger Todd Beamer — we also know a passenger yelled “Let’s get them!” before breaking into the cockpit — is muttered as an afterthought.

It sounds almost like Altman directed it, if they’re trying to make the dialogue unintelligible.

And, considering this change , apparently made by Greengrass himself, it seems that Holleran’s even more spot-on than he might think:

Journalist Rob Scheer spoke to United 93 director Paul Greengrass yesterday about that closing-credits line — “America’s war on terror had begun” — that has been removed “It was absolutely my inclusion, and my exclusion,” Greengrass said. “I wouldn’t read too much into it. What was seen [by critics] was a very early version of it… it wasn’t finished. The thinking was, I wanted the story to feel like it was relevant to today. But when I saw that particular card at the end, I thought ‘that’s not right’ because that’s going to divide people. People are going to think, ‘Oh does that mean he’s for the war on terror or is he against?’ and in the end, that’s irrelevant. So in the end, I replaced it with the dedication to the victims of September 11th, because I think that the film speaks for itself. I didn’t want a card to divide the audience.”

Jason Apuzzo at Libertas smacks Greengrass for his idiotic rationalization here.

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1 May 2006 at 9:00 am

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