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Even better than bĭng!

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I still love bĭng, but have found something even better.

Somewhere around December or so, I noticed people eating a new vended foodstuff, out of a flat brown paper bag. It was a flat fried bread with sesame seeds and unidentified brown stuff on it, and damn did it smell good! I couldn’t place the smell, but it was familiar.

So I finally broke down and got one (I have issues with putting unknown things in my mouth, but since no one told me to try it, my even bigger issues of trust never came up).

Oh my.

It is, indeed, flat fried bread. With sesame seeds. And the brown stuff? The best way I can describe it: its like the spiciness in pepperoni with a little hint of the meat, plus scallions mixed in.

Two RMB a pop.

Not filling, but lordy is it ever tasty!


Written by [IMH]

13 April 2006 at 9:35 am

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