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When, at 11:01, the sound of Wolfe’s elevator came, I got the big dictionary in front of me on my desk, opened to H, and was bent over it as he entered the office, crossed to his oversized custom-built chair, and sat. He didn’t bite at once because his mind was elsewhere. Even before he rang for beer he asked, “Has the sausage come?”

Without looking up I told him no.

He pressed the button twice — the beer signal — leaned back, and frowned at me. I didn’t see the frown, absorbed as I was in the dictionary, but it was in his tone of voice.

“What are you looking up?” he demanded.

“Oh, just a word,” I said casually. “Checking up on our client. I thought she was illiterate, her calling you handsome — remember? But, by gum, it was merely an understatement. Here it is, absolutely kosher: ‘Handsome: moderately large.’ For example it gives ‘a handsome sum of money.’ So she was dead right, you’re a handsome detective, meaning a moderately large detective.” I closed the dictionary and returned it to its place, remarking cheerfully, “Live and learn!”

— Rex Stout, In the Best Families


Written by [IMH]

11 April 2006 at 11:59 pm

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