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From daniel-liebeskind.com:

Ever since I began architecture, I had an abhorrence to conventional architecture offices. There was something about the atmosphere of redundancy ,routine and production that made me allergic to all forms of specialization and so-called professionalism. Ten years ago we founded our office in Berlin as a result of a decision, an accident, a rumor on the street and began an unimaginable journey down a path on which we are still travelling.

The PROJECTS have developed in unexpected directions through a practice which does not mimic existing procedures, but attempts to break through into the excitement, adventure and mystery of architecture. By dropping the designations form, function, program and engaging in the public and political realm, which is synonymous with architecture, the dynamics of building take on a new dimension. The celebrations of drawing into building, the pathos of production and the dreamlike routines configure into a substance that is not identifiable on any drawing board. This ‘substance’ which sometimes appears totally opaque and inscrutable often glimmers with belief and offers CONTACT to a reality of the deepest hope.

The magic of architecture cannot be appropriated by any singular operation because it is always already floating progressing, rising, flying, breathing. Whatever the problems – political, tectonic, linguistic which architecture exposes, one thing I know is that only the intensity and passion of its call make it fun to engage in its practice.

He also, it seems, has an abhorrence to conventional grammatical offices, but that doesn’t stop him from tearing down the establishment and sticking it to The Man in his own postmodern way.



Written by [IMH]

11 April 2006 at 9:23 am

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  1. You have to come and play this little meme about handwriting I have been having so much fun with.


    11 April 2006 at 10:06 pm

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