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I flipped through It’s a Magical World the other day and was rather stunned at just how many of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes moments come from their last year or so. Bill Watterson wanted to go out in top form, and my goodness, did he, did he ever.

Perhaps most memorable is Rosalyn’s final baby-sitting of (and victory over) Calvin. Having her play — and rapidly grok — Calvinball was inspired.

The last Christmas strip was arguably the best ever, and Christmas was always one of the strip’s fortes. “Here’s a letter from the dad. We’re looking into the sarcasm factor.” 🙂

There’s also Susie staying at Calvin’s house after school (Hobbes wore a tie for her, the traitorous charmer!).

Or possibly my all-time favorite Sunday strip, whose final panel of dialogue is immortal:
Mom: “Calvin’s principal says hello.”
Dad: “Huh boy.”
Calvin: “It troo! Dat darn Kahlfin stole ma spaceship!”

I’m sorry Watterson retired, but great scot did he go out with a bang!

Written by [IMH]

10 April 2006 at 9:23 am

Posted in Culture

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