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It looks like you’ve got some work that needs doing in old Fort Detroit:

Let’s face it—the University of Michigan has a heck of a lot more money than Wayne State does. It’s like the Sheriff of Nottingham to our Merry Men—at least in this oversimplified metaphor. That’s certainly what it felt like when I was recently in Ann Arbor for a concert.

U of M has a huge bell tower and libraries that could swallow Purdy-Kresge whole. So when two other accomplices and I saw the opportunity to steal some U of M property from the building where the concert was being held, we were unsure at first as to whether we should. But did we seize the opportunity in the end? Most definitely.

Before any of you go off and tell the Ann Arbor police, know that U of M is not going up in flames any time soon. In fact, what we took was small enough to fit inside a purse. At worst, the item’s absence will cause a minor inconvenience and maintenance will have to repair something. But regardless, Robin Hood-ing it was quite the rush.

I don’t even know where to start on this. Ye gods.

ann arbor is overrated)


Written by [IMH]

5 April 2006 at 2:50 pm

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