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The hideous comb-over

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You simply have never seen an awful comb-over unless you’ve been to China. Middle-aged Chinese men, the balding ones at least, are both relentless and artless in their refusal to accept reality.

Oh, you might block it out most of the time, forcing your mind to other issues than why the short oily guy has such a creepy haircut. You might even succeed in m entally evading this avalanche of undeceptive tackiness.

At least, until the first moderately windy day you might. But on that day, you will be confronted in the streets by masses of sad, bald-pated men with oily, foot-long strands of hair whipping about their heads, anchored just above the ears or, for the farther-gone, along the back of the skull.

This evidences, we believe, one more aspect of the pernicious concept of “face” in China — ’tis better, apparently, to present an obvious and ugly fraud to the world than to face and accept the reality of baldness. (Let us be clear — ALL bald men here do this, at least the middle-aged ones. Not some, ALL.)


Written by [IMH]

22 March 2006 at 3:11 pm

Posted in Life in China

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