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Dave: When performing a joke zee average comedian, a Jay Leno or a Louie Anderson, they would go from point “A”—zee setup, straight to point “B”—zee punchline. And, yes! They would be rewarded with a laugh for what zat iz worth. But! Le poupee. Le poupee would go from point “A”—zee setup, and take a lovely drive down to zee woods, where he would perhaps stop to feed zee ducks or maybe take a dip in zee lake to refresh himself.

[Cut to Kevin. He is at the table, holding his shoe to his ear and pressing the toe as if it were a phone receiver.]

Kevin: Allo? Allo? [sighes] Pas de personne.

[Cut to Dave.]

Dave: And then! He would jump back in zee comedy car and he would drive around completely bypassing point “B” and ending up at zee infidently unpopular point “C” simply because zee baguettes are fresher and less expensive.

— The Kids in the Hall, “Le Poupee” sketch, Season Five


Written by [IMH]

20 March 2006 at 11:59 pm

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  1. is afavorite of mine.

    nice to be able to find a joke the next day
    in the google. . . “seeply by typing in zee baguettes are freshes”

    where’s george Tirebiter?


    6 December 2006 at 6:26 pm

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