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Not that I’ve been blogging in high gear to begin with, but with my recent personal matter cleaned up, the novels are stepping in to claim priority over blogging.

I really want to finish — finish to my own satisfaction — my NaNoWriMo novel, however long it turns out to be (looking like somewhere north of 100,000 words, but not sure just how far north yet). Whether it ends up being any good or not, only time will tell, but…

Well, firstly, I already think it is good, if derivative. If it fails in the telling, that’s the skald’s fault, not the tale’s. But the tale wants to live, and the background is quite fertile for future tales. Publishable? If nothing else, I’ll eventually make it available as a PDF. Unless I awaken one day and realize that it totally sucks, that is. 😉

Secondly, and more importantly, there is the second novel mentioned recently. I’ve got a great feeling about this one, despite the frankly hideous levels of research required.

And, possibly thirdly, I might have an interesting, oddball alternate history novel in line after that.

We shall see.

Anyway, look for minimal blogging for the foreseeable future. I’ll post something, to be sure, but probably not much, and not on current events.


Written by [IMH]

4 January 2006 at 10:08 am

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